Anniversary Church Service – Malagawatch Church

On Tuesday, November 25, 2003 the Malagawatch United Church, built in 1874 began a spectacular and much watched journey by road and water from the community of Malagawatch, on the shores of the River Denys Basin, to its new home overlooking the Bras d’Or Lakes, high atop the Highland Village Museum in Iona. The church was moved 1.5 km by land down the Marble Mountain road followed by 15 nautical miles to the Barra Strait. It was then hauled up the Village hill to its new home, where it greets visitors today. The Church underwent some major construction in repair during the 2015 season and is now looking its best and ready for your visit!


The River & Lakeside Pastoral Charge of the United Church of Canada hosts their annual Anniversary Church Service in the Malagawatch Church July 31st at 3 pm. Free admission to service. Voluntary collection taken up by the Pastoral Charge.


Donald Òg Day – Louisbourg & Eskasoni visit the Highland Village

Dòmhall Òg MacNìll means the Donald “The Younger” MacNeil

h2013-24-68.jpgJoin us on August 4th 2016 as we commemorate the Donald Òg legend and the early days of Cape Breton’s European history.

On board a British man of war patrolling the Bras d’Or Lake following the 1758 Seige of Louisbourg, Domhnall Òg MacNìll  brought news of the lake’s natural wonders home to his native Isle of Barra.

Years later, when many Gaels emmigrated from Scotland to North America, the descendants of Donald Òg remembered the stories he had told them. They remembered the place he described where they could farm and fish and be free to own their own land.

MacNeils and other Gaelic families chose to make Cape Breton their home during this time and their culture and traditions lives on through the generations to this day.

Join us as we commemorate the Donald Òg legend and the early days of Cape Breton’s European history.

Traditional food, natural dye, barvas ware and other demonstra- tions will take place throughout the day, along with a special running of Cash’s Carding Mill.

We will also be joined by our friends from Fortress of Louisbourg as well as, Eskasoni Cultural Journey, who will animate throughout the day. The afternoon will feature a céilidh.

Regular admission applies. 10:00am – 3:00pm.

Là Mór a’Bhaile | 55th Annual Highland Village Day Concert

The countdown is on! On August 6th,  you can join us for a fun afternoon of Gaelic arts. Fiddlers, step-dancers, pipers and more come together to treat visitors to traditional Nova Scotia Gaelic culture in this outdoor concert overlooking the Bras d’Or Lakes.

This year’s performers include Mary Jane Lamond & Wendy MacIsaac, Kyle, Stewart & Sheumas MacNeil, Kenneth MacKenzie & Keith MacDonald, Shelly Campbell & Alan Dewar, Donnie Campbell & Jinks O’Neill, Stephanie MacDonald and many more.

See how many familiar faces you can spot in these photos from Highland Village Days past:

This year marks the 55th Annual Highland Village Day Concert, one of Cape Breton Island’s original Outdoor Scotch Concerts. 2-6 pm. $15 per person, children 12 and under free.