Anniversary Church Service – Malagawatch Church

On Tuesday, November 25, 2003 the Malagawatch United Church, built in 1874 began a spectacular and much watched journey by road and water from the community of Malagawatch, on the shores of the River Denys Basin, to its new home overlooking the Bras d’Or Lakes, high atop the Highland Village Museum in Iona. The church was moved 1.5 km by land down the Marble Mountain road followed by 15 nautical miles to the Barra Strait. It was then hauled up the Village hill to its new home, where it greets visitors today. The Church underwent some major construction in repair during the 2015 season and is now looking its best and ready for your visit!


The River & Lakeside Pastoral Charge of the United Church of Canada hosts their annual Anniversary Church Service in the Malagawatch Church July 31st at 3 pm. Free admission to service. Voluntary collection taken up by the Pastoral Charge.


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