Là Mór a’ Bhaile | Highland Village Day Concert

P2011.22.01.03 53 years ago was the start of a tradition that brings together our community for a celebration of Gaelic Culture. The first Highland Village Day was held in 1962. It was used as a fundraiser to support the museum and also to commemorate the many long years the volunteers of the Society had spent trying to make the dream of the Highland Village Museum come true. On the first Saturday of August we gather on the hill overlooking the beautiful Bras d’Or Lake to hold our annual Gaelic concert. Through the years we have seen people come from all over the Island to join the celebration with traditional Gaelic songs, fiddle tunes, step dancing and piping to showcase the immense local talent on Cape Breton Island. Family and friends will meet, and for many this time of year will be a chance to laugh and catch-up while listening to the music from the hill.

Join us on Saturday, August 2nd for a fun afternoon of Gaelic arts. This year marks the 53rd Annual Highland Village Day Concert, one of Cape Breton Island’s original Outdoor Scottish Concerts. The concert takes place from 2- 6pm and is $15 per person, Children 12 and under are free. There will be canteen facilities and kids games on site for this day.


Here is a look back at the early years of Highland Village Day


P2011.22.01.07 P2011.22.01.30 P2011.22.04.31 P2011.22.01.10



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